physiotherapy can help with back pain, headaches, sciatica, joint injuries (such as shoulder tendonitis), ankle sprains, muscle strains, rehabilitation from sports injuries, post operative care (for example hip and knee replacements), shoulder surgery, achilles tendon ruptures and many more muscular conditions.

Michèle has extensive experience treating all of the above, with an individual approach helping patients to achieve a better level of fitness/health than before their recent injury/pain.

What happens within a treatment session?

There is an initial consultation to determine the problem and how it is affecting your lifestyle. The physical assessment will then reflect the issues you are experiencing. It will involve looking at your posture, movement, muscle lengths and muscle strength/control. If necessary Michèle may assess movement on a treadmill or cycle turbo trainer using video analysis.

Treatment normally involves a combination of the following: massage, joint techniques, ultrasound (where indicated), fascial techniques, patient specific home exercises, advice on self management and kinesiology taping etc .